Must Be A Daydream.


I have a few jitters.  This senior assignment falling to junior me is just too good, a real dreamy dream come true, a trip to Belize.  With a cup of fresh brewed coffee, I sit down to read the Miami Herald.  The newsprint becomes a blur as my mind drifts away on fragrant whiffs of coffee.  Newsprint transforms into little people; the people beckon me.  I want to follow.  I think about my flight to Belize this morning.


The little people are smiling and inviting me…so irresistible.  Mmm, I get lost on page two.  I find myself wandering with my new friends through jungles abundant with orchid blossoms, palm fronds, and lush ferns, and alive with swinging, flying crawling creatures.

My friends move with the grace of a summer breeze.  They are pointing something out to me; what, I can’t be sure.  It looks like a pyramid.  Music drifts on the balmy breeze from drums and flutes.  The music is so sweet, so melodic, so soothing.  I’m being presented to a beautiful tan prince clad in pounded gold necklaces and a silken skirt.  He is offering me a steamy brew.  Enraptured by the aroma, surrounded by it, drawn by it, I step forward reaching… reaching… and find… my cup is empty.  Oh!  I finished my coffee.  I’m running late.  The paper will have to wait.  I’m off to another place in another time.


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